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October 22, 2007



You have at least 1 reader who is an ex-Clevelander!


My husband is a very happy man today. Being from Providence, he's a Sox fan through and through. :)


WOOHOO! I am so excited - my birthday is Wednesday, I told my Dad he should fly me up for Game 1, somehow I think I will be watching it on my couch here in Atlanta, but a girl can dream! Of course this just delays Mr. Varitek's visit to my school to read to the kids, but that's ok!


Pete's going Wed. night and Steph on Thurs.! I'm thrilled for them -- and yes, a wee bit jealous! :-) Does Varitek really come read at your school? He lives right around the corner from me, but it never occurred to me to ask him to do that here!


It's funny, you know I'm a Sox fan through and through, but I was looking at some of those young kids in the stands celebrating and I said to my NYY fan husband, "They haven't suffered enough!" Two World Series in three years ... they're going to think it's their birthright. The pain of '75 and '78 and '86 is what made 2004 so special. This is just gravy, and I'm having a hard time processing it, I admit. But tell your kids to have a great time and I hope they bring the customary luck.


I know what you mean, but at least my kids are too young to remember '04 -- except for experiencing it vicariously nearly every night on our battered copy of "Fever Pitch"!


Waitwaitwaitwaitwait... Pete's going to Game 1?




Hey, cut it out -- he's on a mad winning streak now, remember?

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