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October 21, 2007



How was your dinner at Mistral? I don't think you ever told us,and I've been wondering. (Or did I miss it?)


Yep, there's a link to my review in the first line of this post (at "went"), and my menu choices are in the Comments there. It was divine!


I remember when I first started working the "up-scale" restaurant that I would make stupid mistakes like that. It was the first time I had to memorize all those liquors, and I was completely overwhelmed for the first two weeks.

The bartenders, however, had all been servers before. And they knew their stuff. And they never had a problem with saying "Hey Dumbass! We stopped serving Johnny Walker Blue 5 years ago!" Which made for a very embaressing conversation with my guests.

So yeah, either or both of them should have caught it before it came to your table. We never made a distinction between types of liquor - if we didn't have what you ordered, we didn't try to slip something past you.


I'm a vodka snob of a different sort. My taste testing would have to extend a full 12 hours as I get hangovers from anything other than Ketel One or Grey Goose. I doubt I could return to the scene of the crime after a round of vomiting to complain about a vodka switcharoo.


I've tried many expensive imported vodkas as well as local boutique brands, and I still usually buy Svedka. It's very smooth and so inexpensive! Even my Russian neighbor drinks it. Who knows vodka better than a Russian? My second choice might be Chopin.


Actually, as a non-vodka drinker, I'm not rolling my eyes. I'm seriously impressed that you could tell what kind of vodka was in your drink.

That's some talent.

As a whiskey drinker, I'm often not even sure what glass on the table belongs to me, never mind what's in it.


I was pretty impressed with myself too. But let me clarify: I never know what I'm drinking unless it's Absolut Citron. In other words, there's Absolut Citron and then there's Everything Else. It's a very specialized talent I have.


A friend of mine hosted a blind vodka tasting of 6 vodkas typically found amongst our friends. Here's how they rated:

1. Stohli - has a slight and pleasant citrus flavor
2. Skyy - very clean, almost flavorless
3. Smirnoff (!) - slightly sweet
4. Grey Goose - pleasant and mostly flavorless
5. Absolut - bitter
6. Finlandia - undrinkable

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