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October 23, 2007



I laughed so hard when you first posted pictures of your office - I totally didn't feel bad anymore about ours!

Sometimes it is REALLY good to be forced to deal with stuff. I am trying to figure out what event might "force" SO to do something about the tiop of his dresser. It drives me CRAZY, as does his office, BUT it is in the basement so I don't have to look at it every day like I do his dresser. Grrrr. And trust me I ano paragon of tidyness so you know it has to be really bad to bug me.


Will we get pics of the pretty new office? Just to compare?

And yay! everything looks normal again in Google Reader!

Diane Neer

I really try to encourage my friends with kids who are 4 and 5, boy and girl, that the house they are building with the Jack & Jill bathroom is really only going to work for them for about 3 years. If you have the funds and want to avoid long hours of bickering over the bathroom, get separate bathrooms for your boy and your girl. Or get really accustomed to having NO privacy in your own bathroom when someone (OK, the girl) decides that the only solution is to plant herself in your bathroom to get ready.

Our "must" list for the house we are building was:

downstairs master
downstairs guest suite
upstairs kids' rooms WITH separate bathrooms
separate, free-standing garage with office attached for hubby (I DO NOT want him working in MY space...which is, of course, the rest of the house)

I am so excited for the day when the only time I have to see my kids' rooms is when I choose to walk up the stairs.


I think it's OK for kids to have to share a bathroom; the problem with the Jack & Jill arrangement is that there's a door on each side
leading to each of the two bedrooms. So you either get one kid barging in on the other OR (if we allowed them to use the locks) one kid getting locked out if the other person doesn't remember to unlock BOTH.

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