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October 24, 2007



I think that this is a great idea too. In our experience, the "no gift" request has come from boys far more than girls. My son requested donations for the local animal shelter last year, and we made a special trip to directly hand over the money, and to remind him how the money is used. The shelter later sent him a great certificate and letter of thanks. That was a smart move by the shelter to give him some recognition and thus nurture future generosity.


Well, I think it's nice if a kid chooses to do this as they get older, but I don't necessarily agree with depriving a kid of birthday gifts from birth. I remember it being so much fun when I was a kid. Of course, back then, it was just half a dozen kids around the dining room table, not the big extravaganzas we throw for our kids these days.


Andy made that same point -- better to let the child make the decision at the right age. Plus, it's fun to get all those gifts when you're little!

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