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October 01, 2007



I'm in! I hope it counts that I gave my neighbor a brand new book last week--I had bought it for our book group, but realized I had no interest in reading it.


I'll ante up.


I'm in. I had already made a note to myself to buy a particular book for my mother-out-law.


Sign me up. As a member of BookCrossing.com, I am constantly giving people free books from my collection. Just two days ago I gave three people books.


i gave out 3 books last week! and i gave my daughter one last night. and by "gave", i mean i'll never see it again because it was then deposited in the 5th circle of hell that is her room.


Way to pull me out of the lurking shadows....please enter me. Besides, if I win, it will prompt me to participate more fully in BAFAB Week (which is pretty much the coolest idea since espresso...)


I'm always up for a new book to read. Lately I've been plowing through the Patrick O'Brian Aubrey/Maturin series...fifteen down, six more to go.

Dona England

I bought a friend "Being Dead is No Excuse" a fun book about funeral food in the south. She loved it. Yea Amazon.


I'll definitely play. I'm also a BookCrossing member but haven't been too active lately; this is just the nudge I need. Plus, any excuse to go to a bookstore is fine by me :-).


Count me in. I gave a friend at work a thriller by an author she hasn't read. I need to go tell Debra what a great invention BAFAB week is. :)


I love passing on wonderful books I've read! Count me in too!


I'm in... and I'm going to add your contest to my BAFABW post as well. Happy Reading.


I just love this idea of buying/giving someone a book - even to a total stranger!

Count me in your contest. I am also running a BAFAB contest. Here's the link:



Count me in, and yes -- I'm running my own contest, too! Thanks!


Count me in, please! I have a book in mind for a friend - she'll definitely be surprised.

Crystal B.

My neice is an avid reader so I will get her a book.


Count me in! I just gave my cousin a book that I really enjoyed reading.


Yes please!


please enter me! i'm giving away a book on my blog as well


I'd love to be included. Friday night at Borders I'm going to buy a book for my mother-in-law.


I love the idea so count me in. I gave my new neighbor 2 books because she loves reading and doesn't have a TV.


Please enter me in this contest. I just gave my friend 5 new books. lol. I had just bought all 5 of them to havethe author sign them then won them again a couple of weeks later so she lucked out too.

Pat L.

Count me in. I gave my friend 3 romance books - she loves to read and reads fairly quickly.


I already have the book but have just delayed giving it away - for about a year. I'll send it off so I'm in.


I give my friend several books each week and she is always so appreciative.


Just popped over from Alison's blog!
I can't believe I've never heard of this before.
I am buying a book to send to my friend in Afghanistan today. Jack Absolute..he will love it!


I am giving all 3 of my kids books this week (but I guess that dosen't count!) So how about I buy a book off my book fair and give it to my son's teacher!


I have already sent books to my nieces, nephews, brothers and two friends!

Does that count?


I just gave a box of books to my local charity... that counts right, it is helping the community :)


I just gave my sister one of my medical books... a very expensive one! That sure counts :))


Ok! I send YOU a BFAB, and I sent an old friend who has a house in the "country" and a HUGE garden our new bible - AVM.

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