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November 29, 2007


Deb C

Why not consider some non-perishable food items as well as some money to buy fresh fruits and veggies?


According to the organization higher-ups, our chapter as a whole has to choose to send EITHER the food from the list OR the money. In fact, we're not even sure they'd let us alternate months, which is what we thought of as a good compromise.


I notice there are no chapters listed on the website under "donating chapters" for our state. Is the chapter you belong to somewhere else?


Our chapter is brand-spanking new; we just sent off our first shipments a week or so ago! I bet they just haven't updated the web site yet.


A while ago my wife and started shopping for the local food bank. On the months where she got an extra check (she was paid bi-weekly) we would load up a shopping cart with staples and leave them all in the cage at the front of the store. It felt good to actually have tangible evidence that you would be helping people. The more I thought about it though the more I realized that a check to the food bank would be beter for them in the long run since they could buy what was most needed at any given time, as well as, allow them to buy produce, meat,dairy, etc. So we've now switched to writting a check. It defineately dosn't feel as good but I think it helps at least as much if not more. I do think that you're idea of having something tangible is important for kids. It's too bad they don't allow you to mix both shopping and money (seems a little silly).


When I volunteered at the local food bank we were told to encourage people to give money not food. They can buy food so much cheaper the donation goes farther. But people like the feel good factor of giving food.


I am always (tee hee) turned off by absolutes! Maybe you can suggest to your group that each family has the discretion to send a check or gift card twice a year. Sometimes those families might need the extra cash to pay the electric bill and explaining THAT to your kids might be a very good lesson...that even the warmth you feel in your house costs money. Those families also need things other than food...tampons, razors, etc. that could be gotten with a Wal-Mart gift certificate.

There are so many ways to turn the giving of money or gift cards into a teaching experience with your children. About car payments, rent, utilities, security deposits, etc.

OK...just scrolled up to comments...if your "chapter" REQUIRES that you choose either food or cash...they are crazy. They should do anything their donors want to do and be thankful for it! Worse comes to worst, your chapter could "officially" split into two chapters, one giving checks and one giving food while unofficially staying together as one group. I just can't imagine a charitable organization that is trying to help people saying, "Sorry....we don't want your check, you are in food only group!"


It's the national organization that makes the rules, so we have to abide by them (or leave the organization).

Another reason I wish I could send money is so that they could buy local food rather than processed, imported food. But I would also never in a million years send a gift card to WalMart. I'd rather encourage these families to support their local community merchants rather than the WalMarts of the world.

I realize that I can do only so much, so I'm going to have to be content with my box of food. As Andy points out, the extra money spent on shipping can be seen as an investment in raising our kids to be the next generation of charitable citizens.

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