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November 08, 2007



Oh, this is not good. :(

Best of luck. At least you seem to have escaped it. I know you probably don't hope Andy has the tummy bug, but I have had tummy bugs that start out like that.

On the bright side, if he does have the tummy bug, it's better than getting the actual Flu, which can last much longer and be more serious. And if he has the tummy flu, at least it's not something new that the kids can catch with their currently tired immune systems.

So, here's to hoping that he has something that doesn't stay long, and that doesn't spread. We've been where you are, and I'm really, really sorry!


The other good thing about the tummy bug is that this particular strain seems to be brief (albeit intense). The irony of the possibility of the flu is that Andy was supposed to get his flu shot yesterday, but he was already a little feverish and they wouldn't do it. Sigh.


You fly on down to Raleigh. We'll put you up in a LOVELY B&B (http://www.fuquayinn.com/about-fuquay-mineral-springs.htm). It really is lovely...you will just have to overlook that the mayor's (who owns it) father was Tommy Byrne, a pitcher for the Yankees back in the DiMaggio years.

You can hang out at the Cantina with my Red Sox / Patriots friends. Step away from the sickness!!! That's what they did during the Plague. Just get a neighbor to leave fresh groceries outside the door every day.


Doesn't it make you feel so useful? Really what would they do without you?

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