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November 24, 2007



That is hysterical! Thanks for the early morning entertainment!


We did them for the whole family -- and got a good laugh out of all of them!


OK...I must assume that it wasn't so freakin' hard if you had "fun" with it. I couldn't upload the photos, once I figured out how, couldn't figure out how to go to next step...tried it in Firefox and Safari on my MacBook. Am I missing something? Is this a PC conspiracy????


No, I did it on my Mac with Firefox. First click on "Start the Elfamorphosis," then "Upload Photo" (which will bring up your directory -- just choose a photo you have already, or first take one in your PhotoBooth and use that), then fix it up and click "Save Face," "Let's Elf," and "Preview." No?


I thought that this was so funny! I "elfed" my children and am getting a big laugh every time I watch. Of course my daughter told me that I am not to send her elf debut to anyone (she's 13 -- what do you expect?)!


Ha! We are shameless as children and as adults -- but in between? Not so much!

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