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November 29, 2007



Dear Karen,
I can feel your heart break. Mine does the same with my 5 year old, Elena. She has finally transitioned from special ed to regular ed for kindergarten, but some days she just doesn't want to go and just wants "to be with you, Mom". One thing that seems to have helped is if we talk about having "Mommy and me" time when she returns. We spend 30-45 minutes alone with an activity of her choice. Sometimes it is playing, sometimes it is artwork, sometimes it is just snuggling... But it does seem to help her make it through the day. Hang in there.


Hi Karen,
You are not alone with this one. Some little ones appear to physically suffer as they experience both the excitement and terror of independence. I really breaks our hearts, as well as theirs.
A suggestion that I have seen work for many families: together you create a "special book" with fabulous illustrations depicting a time when your child leaves Mom, goes to school, gets teary and opens a book that will detail this event and is always resolved with returning to mommies arms later in the day. Your child can take this book with her as long as necessary. I have seen it take as little as one week. Books are just magic at this age.(At any age, obviously.)
I hope this helps. I have over 10 years background as a preschool/kindergarten teacher and a working mother of three. This works fairly well for grieving children also. My youngest used this "special book" method to deal with kindergarten after Daddy died a couple years ago. He is only six now, but has all his special books on his special shelf.(Next to some of his daddies ashes. :)

Good luck to you and Julie. :)

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