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November 30, 2007



If you select to view your document in "normal" mode, you should be able to see all the breaks. It'll at least make it a little easier to manage them?


I'm in normal mode and I can see the breaks -- they're just coming out in different places when I print! ARGH!


Am delurking just for this! On a Mac, press Shift+Enter (not shift+return) to enter a hard page break. No need for extra lines.


HA! I knew I'd get someone with a technical question. ;-) Welcome, and thanks for delurking!

What I don't get is why the page breaks that I see on my screen don't show up in the printed version of the document. For instance, if the first 5 lines of a paragraph are at the bottom of a page and the remaining 3 lines at the top of the next page on my screen, why is it printing out with 4 lines on each page?


Personally, I HATE Word, and this is one of the many reasons why!


I LOVE Word...and Excel...my opinion is that there is ALWAYS a solution and/or workaround...but I can attest that they are different in PC and Mac.

I will send you an e-mail using my favorite Mac short-cut...the screen shot. But my suggestion is that you go to Format/Document and check that your margins and layout are as you want them. IMHO, the default margins of 1.25" for the left and right margins are much too wide. And if you go to layout, you have section start set for new page...I think that might resolve your problem...if it's set for continuous, it might just keep going and then it might depend on how someone else's computer is set up or something.

If you want to send me a sample document, I'd be happy to help you troubleshoot it.


I am all too familiar with all these tips and tricks; I've been using Word forever too.

The document in question is one that is used weekly by our team of school newsletter editors. Each week one of us takes the main template and works off of that. It has always behaved fine for me before (in fact, this time I got it to behave eventually -- although I don't know how!). The strange bug was that it was printing differently than it was appearing on screen -- but in both case, on my computer, so it couldn't have been an issue of PC vs. Mac.


Do you have more than one printer at home? When using Word, what you see on screen reflects your default printer selection (at least it did back in the day). So, there's a slim chance you were viewing it on screen as it would print to your default printer, but when actually printing it, selecting a different printer. This is definitely the case when exchanging documents with others who usually have a different printer. That's why hard page breaks can (but don't always) fix the issue.


Nope, only one printer -- the same one I used last time I printed this document accurately and then again when it messed up and then finally when it was OK! It's a mystery!

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