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November 10, 2007



I am listening to Raising Sand right now, which I bought after reading about it here. I think it is wonderful. In fact, I've had just the opposite reaction to you about which aging rocker/country singer duo I prefer. I've only heard a couple of the Knopfler/Harris songs, and I was underwhelmed. Raising Sand is quietly lovely, it's pensive and even haunting in some places. Not every song moves me (like the opener Rich Woman), but I've been playing it almost constantly since I bought it.


Interesting! Well, it's possible that this one will grow on me, but nothing really jumped out at me initially -- whereas I was hooked instantly on All the Roadrunning. Perhaps it's just because I'm such a huge fan of Knopfler and can take or leave Plant; I do love both Emmylou and Alison Krauss though. Ah well!


I am crushed that Raising Sand is a disappointment. I had high hopes.


Well, you might like it better than I (see Janeen's comment above).

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