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November 28, 2007



Wow, this is interesting. First,let me say that I have trouble taking anyone who spells the word "withdrawal" as "withdrawl" seriously. But mine came out w/ Obama first, then Edwards, then Richardson, then (gulp) Hilary. And I'm a Republican!


Well, well, well. Maybe you're not a Republican. Or a Democrat. Let this be a lesson to us all! Pick the person you think will best represent and promote your wishes and ideals, regardless of their party!

P.S. I'm with you on the "withdrawl" thing!!


I found that link via a political blogger last month (I posted it back then, too), and my husband and I both did the survey. I thought it was interesting too - but, as you said, also tricky in some cases. It's hard to reduce some issues down to a simple multiple-choice queston. Richardson came out second to Edwards on my survey. The real surprise was that my (mostly) Republican husband's candidate should be...Joe Biden(?!?).


Intriguing! My top result was Richardson, too! And I really know nothing about him. I wonder if my staunch republican husband will take a gander at this survey...

Generic Humanoid

I think that was a terrible survey that was quite skewed that obtained the results the surveyors wanted to achieve.

I found myself on many questions disliking all the answers causing me to have to select the least disliked, then marking the issue as not important to me because my national viewpoint (Libertarianism) was not adequately reflected. They should have at least provided a "None of these views adequately represents my viewpoint" option.

Take health care...I oppose any universal health care package implemented at the federal level, but strongly support (and encourage) my state exercising its 10th amendment right to create a state-wide health care program, and support a state reciprocity program similar to what most midwest state universities have.

The only questions I could even state "Very Important To Me" (only because there was an option that I agreed with completely) were: the immediate withdrawal from Iraq, legalized abortion, and opposing any amendment WRT marriage.


I have to agree with Generic Humanoid. I wondered if the survey itself was skewed to get a particular result.


Well, I thought it was okay, but I don't have those wacky libertarian views (back to the gold standard!). Richardson, by a lot, then, per usual, Kucinich, then Chris Dodd! Excuse me, my heart is bleeding.


I'm surprised how many people (here and over at Cooks Talk, where I posted this as well) are coming up with Richardson. I don't know anyone in real life who has him as their top choice.


I got Chris Dodds first and I know nothing about him. Biden was 2nd and Obama third. I have no idea who Chris Dodds is.

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