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November 12, 2007



That is a total hoot. This is some pretty esoteric knowledge you've got here. To paraphrase, "They're your puzzles and you can Google if you want to."
I myself have Googled. I'm happy just to get close to done. I mean who cares about that stupid Hawaiian goose anyway?!?



One time in ER, I saw a guy hacking like anything while reading a magazine. Then he calmly turned the page. Later, he left the magazine on the chair! From then on, I have never, never picked up magazines in the doctor's office. Woof.


Oops - also originally stopped by to say, I hope Andy feels better very soon!


I'm a total cheater and for the record, I agree with you. How will you ever get better if you don't look up the clues you didn't know?

Cheers indeed!


I love the personalized note! If you haven't read it, you must read Crossworld (go to my blog, click on the category Book Reviews and search...I don't know how to put a link in comments).

And as for the TV in the ER...I am sick and tired of TV's being ubiquitous in every waiting area...airports, orthodontist offices, hospitals, etc. The sound is intrusive and one has no choice over the content. If I am in such an area with just one or two others, I often ask if they are watching/listening and if they aren't, I turn it off or mute it.

My feeling is that if one is going somewhere where a wait is inevitable, one should bring one's own entertainment...laptop, book, puzzle book, iPod. The TV is an intrusion on MY personal choice for what to do while waiting. Our ortho office in Boca was awful!!! Like a big cattle call with the endless drone of a TV and the annoying pinging and dinging of video games. (Remember when we were little and just had to wait quietly at the doctor, read Highlights and play with the the three toys that were provided?) I usually brought my iPod just to mute the noise around me.

I'm a curmudgeon!

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