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December 21, 2007



Nor an Elena! I guess that's why I can't find one of those little license plates or keychains w/ my name on it!


I do know some kids named Elena, so that surprises me.

I can NEVER find anything that says Peter -- I guess it is now an unusual name!


I do find "Peter" things frequently. Never a "Marty" or "Martin," though I did a few times 5+ years ago.

So it seems we are done with Brittanys once and for all...but are Bubba and Opal ever going to make it to the top?


The year my son was born, "Christopher" was #4 on the boys'-names list. He was named for a family friend; had I known the name was so popular at the time, I would have held out for something else. And now it's nowhere to be seen...

Wasn't "Jack" originally a nickname for "John"? John's gone now, from the looks of things.

This stuff fascinates me for no good reason.
And don't even try to find anything personalized with "Florinda." :-)


Whatever happened to normal names like Thallium, Calcium, and Chlorine?

Or truly noble names like Helium and Argon.


I was mighty sad to see my son's name in the top ten. When I named him, he wasn't even in the top 1000. Dang.

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