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December 31, 2007



Thanks for my morning chuckle, and for reminding me about why I don't bother with New Year's resolutions! I have to say your approach here is one of the most honest I've ever seen, though.

And if I DID make New Year's resolutions, #7 would be on my list too. (I keep BUYING books; I really should be reading them...)

Happy 2008 to you and yours!


My 2007 informal, mental list was almost identical to yours.

But this year I'm ready to make some formal, concrete, measurable resolutions concerning more diligent housecleaning (which doubles as exercise), pitching old stuff, updating photo albums, and a commitment to finish the roughly 20 books I started in 2007 and before.

Duck confit appears nowhere on my list, however. :)

So Happy New Year to you, Miss Karen! Your blog has been such a fun 2007 discovery. Good luck with your resolutions!


Two thoughts...

Just what is the shelf life of refrigerated duck fat??? Don't let the fois gras fanatics find your site or you will be inundated with the cruelty to ducks websites.

What about "cheap date" night once a month and "fancy date" night once a months? Cheap date night could be bowling (love it!!!), going to a dive bar and playing pool or darts or foosball, going grocery shopping together (not necessarily cheap, but two birds with one stone) or couple game night. We used to have "Olympics"...the two of us playing one game of Gin, one game of Trivial Pursuit and one game of Scrabble. My husband has since refused to play Scrabble with me...he has no chance and has to resort to making up words.


I think duck fat can keep almost indefinitely.

We still have to pay for babysitting, don't forget!

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