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January 18, 2008



I have to scan this picture I found at my parents' house circa 1984 of a clown my mom had in my brother's crib. It was a clown face with big blue hands covering the face and when the baby pushed the button, the hands did "Peek-a-Boo" and the clown eyes opened! Need I say? My brother is now 24 and hates clowns.

Also, I must thank you for recommending that Restoration Hardware hand cream! My husband picked it up for me the other day, I've barely made a dent in my jar, and already my hands are 98% healed with no more dryness and cracks developing.


That's funny because when I heard this study reported on the radio yesterday, I immediately thought of you.


We had a local TV station kid show clown when I was growing up and my mornings getting ready for school were spent in front of the TV watching J.P. Patches. He was funny and kind and comfortable, so I never felt that aversion to clowns (although I did read that Stephen King book and I'll never look at clownish pom-poms the same way again). However, I have known many children who were very frightened of clowns during the time my son was little -- lots of clown-featured birthday parties with panicked kids!


I love clowns. My wife hates clowns. We have negotiated a detente.

I also love German silent film, so I think that effectively negates my vote.

I hate losing on technicalities.


Finally! I thought I was the only one.


You know, I posted this news article, but didn't remember my own (repressed) clown-hate story until I read yours.

When I was a toddler, I had one of those hand-crank music boxes with a clown inside. You'd crank the handle and the box would play "Pop Goes The Weasel", and when the song got to "pop!", the clown would pop out. Pretty straightforward.

They say I used to crank until ju-u-ust before the "pop", and then I'd carefully stop and crank backwards to the beginning of the song. So the clown could never pop out!

/grabs a hanky
//cancels future therapy appointments
///miraculous breakthrough

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