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January 25, 2008



Wow! So happy it was 'nothing', glad he's on the mend.


Glad he passed everything with flying colors! But they never figured out what caused all of that? If he wasn't seen by a cardiologist in the hospital, I think he should go touch base with one anyway. I've been misdiagnosed enough times by non-specialists who seemed to know what they were talking about.


Yes, he did -- it was a cardiologist who said he had the heart of a football player. :-)


I'm glad Andy is fine, but I'm with Elena that I'd still be a bit nervous that they didn't get to the bottom of it. Of course, I am a worry wart.


I wasn't aware that football players had hearts.

Smirk smirk.

I'm glad Andy is ok & at home.


He's going to make a doctor's appointment, but at least they've determined that he didn't have a heart attack or stroke this week.


Whew! Glad to hear he has a healthy heart. That's really great news.

I've actually had acute chest pains from G.I. reflux which were particularly and surprisingly painful.

When Andy gets a more general checkup, I bet the rest of him is as healthy as his heart. But it is important to follow up.


Very glad to hear everything ended up fine. Phew.


Late to reply, but a hardy "Huzzah!" to Andy's recovery from what must have been quite the scare for all!

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