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January 15, 2008



Our locally owned hardware store carries some Bona products and so does my LEAST favorite store in the world, Expo Design Center in the dreaded Burlington mall area.

Do you have the Bona spray mop thingy? Do you like it? I have been using

Our entire main floor (the original bungalow) is the original hardwood - 2 rooms are 3 inch pine and two rooms are 2 inch oak.


sorry...hanging unfinished sentence.

I have been using Method Omop. I love Method products.


So, this Bona stuff - what do you use it for? We've moved into a house with new hardwoods throughout, and we have two kids and four dogs. If there is a good product out there to keep these floors clean, that's not toxic, and will help protect them, please let me know.


When we had our floors redone in our first house, the guy said that Bona was the only product he recommended to keep them clean. We never really did any research but have followed his advice since, even into this next house -- he was in love with our floors here (original parquet!) and recommended the same.

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