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January 13, 2008



It's 9:30 here and they haven't called it yet (Westborough), which means my kids have WBZ's web page loaded on my computer and they're in bed (as if they'll have school), occasionally shouting downstairs "Mom, REFRESH!" because they know it's just a matter of time.

As for me, I may just have to start tomorrow morning with a bloody mary, minus the tomato juice. Because the only thing better than having everyone home after a weekend is having everyone home PLUS a sick husband, who insists that no doctor can help him get better and so we all have to listen to him cough up his lungs.

OK, who feels sorry for me? anyone? anyone? beuller? beuller?


I'm jealous! I'm counting on a school closing tomorrow, but I hate having to wake up at the usual time just to find out it's closed. I can never go back to sleep. Either way, a snow day is better than no snow day as far as I'm concerned.


I cannot believe this!!! I am working in Cambridge this week, in an area with no parking garages SO when they declared a street parking ban LAST night, SO says he'll drive me in this morning. I get here, look at my email only to find that WORK is cancelled today. Never in my entire work life has WORK been cancelled. And here I am in Cambridge, without a way to get home. Yes, I COULD just stay here and work, but what fun would THAT be - the first time I have experienced a snow day for grownups.
I hope SO is still in the area doing errands. I have marmalade to make. Sheesh.

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