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January 27, 2008



When I was doing more taekwondo I lived in constant fear of rotator cuff injuries. I had a history of punching too aggressively and losing range of motion for weeks on end (not to mention a pain very similar to what you're describing). I'm not sure, but I believed that the more strengthening I did for my upper body the less likely I was to injure it that way.


I think they call it "duckpin bowling" in Connecticut. Never heard of candlepins!


My husband had adhesive capsulitis, and did a course of exercise to eventually break the adhesions. Very weird condition, I have to say, given its lack of any obvious origin.


Nope, duckpin is different from candlepin. Candlepins don't bowl out at the bottom.


Candlepin bowling always made for a great birthday party when I was growing up. A coupla frames, then Hoodsies for everyone!

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