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January 21, 2008



These look delicious. Hope to give them a try soon!


Oh no... I won't be able to restrain myself!


This book looks so fun...cornbread, good writing and food history? I'm getting it.


Ooooh, Karen... thank you so much for these generous words, and boy your crackers are lookin' good. I'm so pleased we happened on to each other!


I tried stoneground cornmeal once. The recipe completely failed, and it was one I'd always used.

So, what's the REAL secret to stoneground? Do the recipes calling for it have less liquid in it?

Chris Cactus

Mmmmm, those look good!!


Dawney, what was the recipe for, and in what way did it fail? Stoneground and mass-produced cornmeal are interchangeable performance-wise -- it's just a matter of whether the hull and germ have been removed. There must have been some other variable at play here.


What's your source for stone ground cornmeal? I think I'd like to divorce myself from the paper canister as well.


You can get it from Whole Foods. I had never realized what a difference there was nutritionally.

Elizabeth Anderson

I am writing a post on The Cornbread Gospels for my blog. It sounds like a good tasting gift.

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