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January 15, 2008



Nice photo! It's hard to tell what's real and what's doctored these days. Around Christmas,my daughter scanned an old photo of my son & printed it in black and white with only one thing in bright yellow (a cheesehead!), so it looks kind of similar to this one. It's cool that you got your photo the old-fashioned way!


Makes me think of Schindler's List which was in b&w and that little girl in the bright red coat. That made such an impression on me. (However, this is much more light-hearted!)


This picture is gorgeous...and serendipitous!


beautiful photo.....


That is incredible!!! My new years resolution (which was my summer resolution, but obviously I didn't get around to it) is to learn how to use my camera!!! I have a Nikon D40 digital...and so far I've mastered the "automatic" setting...which takes incredible pictures...but I feel that I am missing something not using all of the other capabilities. I want to drive around the country side and capture some of the unique and antique images before they disappear as the Triangle expands and swallows our rural hamlet in one bite!


.... excellent photo..... thank you for sharing....


Love this. Especially that the bright spot in the picture says "Children."

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