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February 21, 2008



I would have trouble with the tomato pieces. My kids want every tomato thing to have the consistency of the sauce on pizza. As a matter of fact, if I added "pizza" to the end of every recipe name, I would probably be able to slide all kinds of stuff through. Tripe Pizza, Calamari Pizza, Zucchini Pizza...


I save the tag ends of bread for crumbs, and zizz them up in the Cuisinart every couple weeks, and freeze the crumbs. If the heels are big enough, I use them for my sandwiches, but often they're too teeny, and thus -- Crumb City! My kids wouldn't eat this, though -- too many foods touching other foods for one, and not vegetarian for the other. Sigh.

LA Blogger Gal

Eh, I've found that Giada's stuff looks good when she makes it on TV, but sadly, it always seems to be lacking flavor. I've given up on her recipes.


Well, to be fair, this was meant to be kid-friendly. I've had a few good recipes from Giada; if you plug "Giada" into my little search box thingy, you'll come up with some winners.

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