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February 03, 2008



I didn't know you made this, too. It is a staple around here.


Are you kidding me? I think I gave you the recipe!


I don't think I can even buy vanilla beans in this town, much less use them enough to keep the extras in a tub of sugar in my pantry. Maybe you should start a Send-A-Friend-A-Cake thing as a companion to BAFAB.


Hey, I make these, too. Amanda Hesser included the recipe in Cooking For Mr. Latte, and I thought "yum!" And they are, too. The vanilla sugar tub is a good idea, although I am always pushing the limits of my cupboards under the best of circumstances.


Oh my -- I don't know if I can wait a few days for vanilla sugar to steep to make this recipe. I only have one loaf pan, so I guess that I would have to force myself to eat half the batter.


You're going to kill us all. Three sticks of butter and eight eggs? Why not just hold a stick of butter, peel it like a banana and gnaw it down to a nub? Oh, and dip it in vanilla sugar with every bite.

Oh, who am I kidding...I am SO making this.

P.S. Wait, shouldn't that be "whom am I kidding?" :)


Yes, but it makes 2 loaves, so each loaf has 4 eggs and 1.5 sticks of butter, then figure on at least 8 slices per loaf -- that's 1/2 an egg and 1.5 Tbsp butter per slice! It's like breakfast! It's so rich and luscious, you're really not going to eat more than a slice or two at one sitting.


Don't worry. I won't tell my cardiologist where I got this recipe. You're safe!

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