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February 07, 2008



I've been doing the same with the recipes i choose at work.
Might I suggest Mark Bittman's new book, How to cook everything Vegetarian.
it has quite a few interesting recipes and lots of ways to incorporate grains.


I'm trying find recipes that get their protein from non-grain sources -- the protein from meat, dairy, soy, and legumes is used more efficiently by the body, and I sometimes think my kids don't get enough protein because they're pretty picky eaters.


I'd definitely try this. It sounds a bit like a vegetarian lasagna, but quicker and easier. I think you're probably right about its not needing a homemade sauce, too, so I'll modify accordingly.

Deb C

What about using some of the newer high protein pastas?


I haven't read it, but I would concur with the Bittman recommendation...his How To Cook Everything is one of my favorite go-to cookbooks.

OK...so why would you buy the whole tomatoes and then crush them? Don't tell me they lose nutrients in the processing. That would be depressing.


You don't lose nutrients, but the closest to natural that you can buy food, the better. Do your own processing! ;-)

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