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March 12, 2008



Karen, if it's new to you, how do you know it's really wonderful? Not being contentious, but just hesitant to acquire any new not-wonderful cookbooks.


I bought it because a friend has it and highly recommended it; I have also made a few of Bayless's recipes that I found online or in magazines and always had success with them. Each recipe in this book has endless variations, which makes it a very flexible resource. Maybe take it out of your library first and give it a test drive before purchasing?


I am proud of my friends and their Mexican cooking! And Rick Bayless is great with Mexican recipes!


Unbaked tortillas for sale? Eenteresting! Never heard of them. You have nice friends.

Ever try flour tortillas from scratch? There's a baking powder version that's easy and so much nicer than store-bought, but the artisan yeast dough would probably do better yet, if one has patience to roll them out extremely thin (I imagine they would want to puff in a hot pan).

The filling sounds wonderful!

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