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March 11, 2008



Man you hit a nerve with me on this one. I wish we could get to a similar place as Europe and pretty much do away with tipping. The only reason for tipping is because it allows restaurant owners (and others) to not pay a decent wage in the first place. I'd be ecstatic if they raised everyone's salaries and upped the prices, whatever it took (15-25% say). You could still tip for exceptional service but it wouldn't necessarily be expected. There was a great article last week, i wish I remembered where, about the escalation in tipping. 15% used to pretty much be the norm and now it's more like 18% and approaching 20%. Also the ubiquitous tip jar at counters. I refuse to give a tip to someone who had to simply pull a lever and hand me a cup of coffee. Even if I did, what do I give? Putting 15 cents in would seem insulting and putting much more than that would be a huge %. If people have gone out of their way to help me I'm more than happy to tip well (>20%). If they did their job then that's what they are paid for right?

Getting back to your actual question (sorry about the rant). In restaurants, I tend to tip on the entire bill. Usually that means 1-2 drinks for everyone but it's too difficult to subtract out the liquor and calculate that way. I suppose if the liquor came to a very high percentage I'd go down to 15% rather than 18 or 20%. It's funny at the bar before dinner I'd have no problem leaving a buck on a 8-10 dollar drink or the change on something less but once it's on that food bill it's going to end up 18-20%.


We usually tip the whole bill too. We were in the UK last summer, and I noticed the Legal Seafoods is doing this as well--the server would bring over a machine, you'd swipe your card, and the machine calculates the tip--you can choose 10, 15 or 20% or add in your own. This was great in the UK where we didn't have to worry about converting, and I wish more restaurants would do it around here. I'm with Bob though, I wish that restaurants would pay their employees more--that said, when I waitressed, I loved the challenge of getting a good tip out of people. Unless they were...European. Sigh.


Sounds brilliant to me.

I think Moms should be tipped for meals according to your ideas about asking questions, etc.


I'd settle for a paycheck -- even minimum wage!

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