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March 13, 2008



You say you not crazy about pecan pie but have you tried one make with eggs (custardy) rather than the typical goopy corn syrup version? The difference is remarkable. It's not nearly as sweet and the texture is wonderful. I make the one in Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything and it's fantastic! Let me know if you are interested and I'll make a copy and email it to you.

I have celiac disease and therefore have to make my own crusts. I must say that making pie crust is one of my least favorite cooking activities but necessary for me if I want a decent pie.

By the way the Bittman Pumpkin pie is awesome as well. The book itself is pretty good, although like all recipe books you end up only using it for a few of the multitude of recipes.


Oh and buy a metal pie shield. they come in different sizes, are cheap and so much easier than fashioning one yourself every time you make a pie.


The main reason I don't like pecan pie is that I'm just not crazy about pecans! But I bet Andy would like to try a custardy version, because it's the "typical goopy corn syrup" that turns him off. I just found the recipe online, so need to scan -- but thanks! (For the record, I've never really forgiven Bittman for his interview on NPR about Julia Child after her death -- he came across as a total pompous ass.)

I'm 99% sure I saw gluten-free frozen pie crusts at Whole Foods!

And I do know about those pie shields, but we're not big pie makers here, so it never really occurs to me to buy one.


Pie coincidence: a big Costco bag of pecans was revealed when I cleaned shelves on Tuesday, so now I have TWO huge bags to deal with. I thought "pecan pie!" While I would love ANY pecan pie, gooey or otherwise, one that's more pecans than goo sounds preferable--I'm with you on that.

Today my older son Marty's math class is celebrating Pi Day (3/14) by everyone bringing pies. Last night we made a Chocolate Chess Pie for his class (OMG, so good) after he rejected my pecan pie idea.

I used a great flaky pie crust recipe the other day from Shirley Corriher's "Cookwise" book when I made quiche this week, so I taught it to Marty last night. It's time consuming but very simple.

Looks like I have to bake some pecan pies this weekend!

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