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March 18, 2008



George Clooney is an arrogant ass. Instead of promoting sites that hate him he should've been thanking the fans who put up sites worshipping him.


You're of course entitled to your opinion, but I can't help wondering why you were bothering to Google him yourself if you can't stand him. Moreover, he didn't write the article -- it was the interviewer's choice to mention certain sites and not others.


I usually go for the "thinking woman's sex symbol" kind of actor -- think Jeff Bridges. The Tom Cruises, Brad Pitts, etc. don't do it for me. But even I am weak in the knees at the sight of George Clooney. I think a lot has to do with his self-deprecating charm, which is evident in this interview and almost every other I've read. I also love that he still loves "Out of Sight," a personal favorite.


Okay, I just read most of it...classic George. He is among my favorite hilarious talk show guests (which include Charles Grodin and Tony Randall, RIP), an absolute riot to listen to. Great anecdotes, always self deprecating in a LOL way. How can anyone not like him?

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