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March 14, 2008



I have that exact shirt sitting on my kitchen counter as of this morning, size Small, no less. It was going to be for a kid we know who memorized pi to over 100 digits, but I changed my mind, and instead wanted Marty's math teacher to give it out for Pi Day, but then Marty didn't want to take it to school.

So if you get yours all covered in bacon grease or something, just holler. We have an extra.

Thanks to your site pointing me to Mental Floss months ago, Marty wears the Pavlov and Pluto shirts. Hooray Mental Floss!

Happy Pi Day to all!

Anne Glamore

You're cracking me up! I should point this out to my hubby, who is so proud that he can STILL recite pi to the umpteenth place...

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