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March 20, 2008



OMG ... you're going to love it!!! The only thing I hated about it was the smear of my greasy cheek every time I used it. Got the Apple skin (which isn't all that easy to apply) and the problem was solved.

There are SO many cool things about the phone. After owning one iPod between the two of us, I was thrilled to have my own music any time I wanted.

I'd be lost without it now. We both have one and share the iCal (color coded on the Mac but not on the phone), pictures, iTunes, etc. And, every update brings adds a new pleasure! Oh, and it's a great phone with really great coverage. (Something we didn't have with Sprint or US Cellular.)

I am not a Mac-head but I am learning. As you are already used to the Mac, I am sure you'll find it quite easy to set up.

OMG ... you're going to love it! Enjoy!


We're "late adopters" around here so we probably won't see the likes of an iPhone for many years, and probably shouldn't, or else I'd WANT ONE. (I even downgraded to pay-as-you-go because I use the cellphone so little. If there were a Dr. Seuss book about the economy crashing, it would be all because one person like me went backward!)

That's cool Andy got them for you both--fun to enjoy together! Tell some Tales of the iPhone for us cave dwellers. :)


The internet in your pocket. It's a game-changer. Enjoy it!


I can't say the iPhone has completely revolutionized my life, but I have loved and adored it every second I have had it. Now Jon is thinking he needs one too, after trying to make his phone as seem as fun as mine for numerous months.


I love my new iPhone in a way that borders on unhealthy. And I do not care. (Did Andy get the refurbs AT&T was selling this week? Because the only thing I love more than my iPhone is how little I paid for it!)


No, we marched right into the Apple store and bought brand new ones!


I'm envious in my usual self-hating way. I look upon all such technologies (the really cool cute ones that fulfill needs I didn't know I had!) much as I look upon huge houses: with a mixture of envy and disdain.

Oh, sure, I'll succumb eventually...

Meanwhile, enjoy it for both of us!


I've had one since day 3. So if you have any questions, let me know. I recently started using iTunes for ringtones. I currently have the first guitar strains of "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes" as my ringtone.

I love being able to glance at my e-mail when I'm away from the computer for the day. Keeps it from being so overwhelming next time I'm on.

I LOVE that it syncs my contacts from my Mac Address Book and my appointments from iCal. The only downfall on that is that it doesn't show the different colors if you have different calendars with different colors (I have me, Hurley, Construction Timeline, Haley & Rory.)


Cliff is on his second iPhone already. GET. A. PROTECTIVE. CASE.

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