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March 27, 2008



I'm interested in hearing more about your iPhone adventures. Our T-Mobile contracts are up in May, and I have serious iPhoneitis at this point. I've been a MacHead since 198x, so this is high on my lust-list!

Not that there is anything wrong with T-Mobile, but in comparison to the iPhone my little Samsung phone seems so...Samsung.

I'm especially into the WiFi and the mapping software Apple integrated in January looks irresistible.


I can import photos from iPhoto. In your sync settings you can set it to do it automatically every time you sync or just when you open iPhoto with your iPhone plugged in.

When my husband was worried about me having all this technology and then getting hit by the proverbial bus leaving him ignorant of account numbers and passwords, I told him the iPhone came with an iBodyguard!

I've joked that if the iPhone had an iVibrator, our spouses would be completely unnecessary!

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