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March 30, 2008



Well, that was fun. I guessed on many of them - they had good hints. I got 3 wrong.


I can't remember what I read recently that told me that vermicelli means "little worms" and some other pasta means "little priests" or something.


I agree, that was fun. I missed three. And I guessed on a couple, I have to admit.


D'oh! 5 wrong! Guess that is what comes of living in a gluten-free household! The hints in the descriptions were entertaining though....

the nag

I thought this would be a snap but I got 7 wrong. What a blow to my fragile self-esteem :-)

Deb C

What fun, but not nearly as easy as I thought with 5 wrong. Don't tell my full-blooded Italian family. They'll only blame in on my Irish husband. :)


I only missed one. Granted, I have worked in many an Italian restaurant and even managed a pasta shop.


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