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March 24, 2008



Chef Stephan, one of my favourite teachers always wished every recipe threw away the times and only said 'OR UNTIL'. Or until browned, or until set, or until soft, or until crisp, etc.
Having taught many a Harvard MBA in my rec classes I can assure you that type A personalities are often VERY hung up on the times in recipes and they don't pay enough attention to 'or until'.
Good for you for fighting the good fight.


Thank you! I like to know an approximate time just for planning purposes (Are we talking 8 minutes here, or 48 minutes?), but we've all had the experience when something is done long before the stated time or not even close to being being done when the timer goes off. I'm more confident in the kitchen than I used to be, but I know that new cooks really want everything to go "by the book."


Not too picky or boring at all! I was just reading in some cooking magazine yesterday about the importance of distinguishing between, for example, "1 cup of cooked rice" and "1 cup of rice, cooked." It makes a huge difference.


Oh, I love this - and the care and concern that go into making cooking directions very clear. I am learning to cook and sometimes even what should be the most basic directions have made it difficult for me to proceed. I personally appreciate the goal first ("Bake until set, about 25 minutes.") THEN, I get it!
One time, in my early 20s, I started a recipe that required using a Dutch oven. Sadly, I had NO idea what that was. Oh my!


Elena: Oh yes, that's very important. 1 cup of raw rice yields more than 1 cup when cooked. Similarly, 1 cup of chopped walnuts is A LOT more walnuts than 1 cup of walnuts, chopped.


I love this stuff - Ted and I discuss tiny proofreading points frequently.


I had a similar grinning moment the other day. I was playing golf with my friend's husband and three of the best lady golfers at my club. I was playing exceptionally well, to my amazement. One of the ladies said, "I would love to be your partner in a tournament anytime." When we pulled away in our golf cart, I said to my friend's husband, "I am SO turned on right now!"

So I absolutely understand how you are feeling. It's after five...have a glass of wine!


THIS is what editing is all about. Of COURSE you need the "or"! Congrats on that validation!

And thanks for letting us be editor voyeurs for a brief moment. :)


Oh, Karen, I could kiss you for that! You don't know how many times I've agonized about the fact that I'm messing up a recipe because it's not doing what it's supposed to do in the required amount of time.


Dude, this job is right up your tree!

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