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March 04, 2008



Those look incredible.

I've been scared to use my oven's self-cleaning function. Does it smoke if I have a lot of gunk on the stove bottom?


Growing up in a Lebanese family (mother's side) we were at the Syrian bakery once a week. There is nothing like fresh Syrian bread right from the oven at the bakery. Nothing!


BTW - those look yummy!


I am SO making these. I have dough in the fridge all ready to go. AND I have butter.

By the way, your baking stone is not "filthy." It is "experienced."

I am having the same oven issues--bunches of browned flour and cornmeal piling up for weeks. Yeah, time for a self-clean here, too.


You must give me one immediately. How cruel of you to torture a hungry person so. Waaaa!


Interesting! I had assumed there were two layers to pita bread, that separate in the oven, not one layer that splits. (Identical, not fraternal? Never mind.)

Zoë François

These are amazing, you got the perfect puff! :)

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