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March 19, 2008



Reminds me of The Cold Calculations by Michael Burstein.


Actually, that short story is the plotline of the 2007 movie "Sunshine", where a ship doesn't have enough oxygen and some crew members have to die. It's a very weird, trippy movie (they're on their way to the sun to launch and detonate an atomic bomb to restart our dying star), with one scene i can't get out of my head which involves a crew member going from one ship to another ship parked right next to it, but not attached, WITHOUT A SPACE SUIT. It was like watching a movie version of the dream where you are in a speeding car and can't slow down, or something like that. I'm sure tunnels were involved too. Also Freud.

The movie shared a similarity to 2001 in that it would probably be better if viewed under the influence of...whatever you prefer when watching trippy movies!

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