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March 03, 2008



This is much more common than you might think! Writing is a major component of social studies too, so you should expect social studies teachers to have high standards as well! (I'm certified to teach social studies. This kind of thing makes me nuts!)


Oh, ICK. I have to tell you that the crop of English teachers coming out of school these days is not like "old school." I am always delighted when my daughter gets a teacher who is older.


What would be a tactful way of shaming that teacher?


I'm glad your okay with her dubble exclamation point..


I fear for the future of our children.

Whaddaya bet this teacher is considered "highly qualified" under the crazy-quilt standards of No Child Left Behind? You know...the program that ensures that the USA will be like Lake Wobegone, where all the children are above average?


Oh no!!! I have so many problems with that!!! I know that finding teachers these days is difficult, but an English teacher with a tenuous grasp of language and grammar? Yikes!

I was able to live with the pre-K teacher who wrote on Haley's daily report that she "played with Plato"...assuming, of course, that they weren't having sandbox discussions of Greek philosophy. But 6th grade English? Please help us all!


Oops...I had triple exclamation points (or did TwoBusy mean "explanation" points) in my comment before I read the other comments. Forgive me my extraneous punctuations and extra ellipses!

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