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April 19, 2008



A very Happy Passover to you and your family, and may all your loved ones - past and present - be with you on this night which is different from all others.

So what was on the menu? Other than choco-matzoh, of course....


How fitting that you read her part all together.

Have you seen this recipe? http://tiny.cc/WlVWo


Ah, drat. I see my recipe is virtually the same as yours. Since you didn't mention the caramel, I thought I was offering a new twist. Never mind.


While this night is different from all other nights, Passover itself is always the same: gefilte fish (ICK), brisket, chicken, farfel kugel, etc.

Zoe Francois

Hi Karen,

I've always dreaded having to pronounce all of those names as well. This year my 9 year old son volunteered to read and he made it through so beautifully and we were all in tears. He had no fear, just plowed through in awe of the story! It was an amazing night and one I'll always remember, just like you and your grandmother.

Thanks for sharing the matzoh recipe!

Best, Zoƫ

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