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April 17, 2008



Warning! Warning! Do not get him Rock Band or Guitar Hero. I have seen too many adults succumb to the lure of playing Led Zeppelin with their kids. I have a friend who bragged that he "kicked ass" on Hit Me With Your Best Shot!!! These are adults. Kind of.


okay, why'd you cave? I think we are the last holdouts in the universe.


Well, I guess he plays all these things at his friends' houses, so it's not as though I'm protecting him from the whole thing. And I let him play almost anything on the computer, so there was really no reason to hold out anymore.... To tell you the truth, one BIG reason was that I couldn't think of a single other thing to get him! We do try to limit the kids' "screen time," so I told him that this is not in addition to the TV and/or the computer, it's instead of it.

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