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April 13, 2008



I think too many middle-class parents are way to uptight about this stuff. Many's the time when I walked up and down my suburban street hollering for one or both of my kids because they'd been outside at play all afternoon and hadn't yet come back. And I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

Explicitly protecting kids with restrictions and your own presence has its obvious place. But another kind of protection is teaching them not to be afraid of the world.


The big issue here is a woman who wants Spencer's to rope off the raunchy stuff and require ID to enter that part of the store. She's worried about her kids being exposed to a keychain that makes orgasm sounds. I think if she's that worried, 1) she shouldn't let her kid go to the mall; 2) she should forbid her kid from going to Spencer's and 3) parent her own child instead of asking Spencer's to do it for her.


Trying to completely protect one's children can really backfire. 1. They will rebel! 2. It is impossible to do so. 3. It doesn't help them become functional in the real world. For example (using the above comment as a guide), listening to a keychain that makes orgasm sounds is not going to make a kid run out and have sex. Good grief.

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