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April 21, 2008




We watched the start--and they all looked much better then. It's fun to see all the costumes, the energy, the odor of the elite men (the elite women and the rest of the field don't smell, but the elite men are just overpoweringly bad), lance armstrong doing his own little warm-up lap...and then the bandits wearing spiderman, patriots, sponge bob, beer can and wild hair costumes. The sun came out just as the second wave started, and I inwardly groaned for the runners. One of our Hopkinton neighbors finished 430th, my brother (running 40 lbs. lighter and his 6th Boston) didn't finish...he bonked right after the 35K mark. How anyone can run that long is beyond me, but kudos to all who do!


I can't imagine how they run in those wigs and costumes! We saw at least two guys wearing polyester black nun habits -- they must have STUNK, but we didn't get too close!


ahh, I miss Patriots Day - when I was in college I always took my younger brother to the Sox game (back when you could just show up the day of the game and get seats) and then we would go out to Kenmore and watch the runners, one year we were at the finish line - that was pretty cool!
My son wants to go up there some year to see the marathon, but we always seem to have state testing (like your MCAS) this week!


Hey, happy birthday!

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