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April 28, 2008



What was it? TypeRacer?


No -- although it probably will be soon! It happens all the time, i can't even count. Here's a f'rinstance, though: Several weeks ago I posted about a T-shirt typo at the mall (http://verbatim.blogs.com/verbatim/2008/04/trapped-like-ma.html), and just today it showed up on a Popular Site (cough cough Gawker.com cough cough). Ah well!


I've never heard of those other two bloggers, so they can't be that famous. You're a celebrity in my book, Karen!


A corollary to this is when you send a link 'round to your friends, then two months later they send it to you because they ... didn't read your email? :(

the nag

Tell me about it!


I call it 'firstonitis.' I do lots of things first, and I like to be acknowleged. Damn popular kids.


But, if we do come up with a term won't the Popular Kids just steal it?


Yes! I've posted extremely obscure stuff on my site -- things like weird Etsy or Flickr finds -- and then seen them show up on high-traffic blogs (I'm looking at you, Babble and Apartment Therapy). There's NO WAY they found them on their own, but do I ever get credit? The nerve.

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