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April 14, 2008



Euuw! That lotion stuff is hideous isn't it? The general advice I give is to wash the hair as normal, then put LOADS of conditioner on and use the special comb while the hair is as slippery as possible.
I haven't had lice at all since working at the school I'm at now, but I used to get them almost every day at my last place.
Apparently they don't like some essential oils, so if I've got lice going round my class I add a few drops of tea-tree oil to my conditioner, but I have heard other people recommend rosemary or eucalyptus oil. Someone else I know used to rise her kids hair with vinegar.

It'll be interesting to hear what the Nit-Picker has to say!


Welcome to the club. Just do whatever they say as far as putting away stuffed animals, washing hats, pillows. etc. This too will pass.


Sometimes I lament not having kids. This is NOT one of those times.

We'll be keeping our fingers crossed for you!


Lice is my worst nightmare! I would be a wreck over it and just want them GONE. Like you, I would pay oodles to get it taken care of correctly and quickly. I had heard that tea tree oil shampoo was a lice inhibitor. Make sure to share what the Nit Picker tells you!


I used to work in daycare, and we had several lice outbreaks (as will happen). It always grossed me right out and I itched for days. Anyway, these two little boys both came down with 'the lice' one day, and the next day showed up with bald, concentration-camp little heads. Their mom, a single, working mother, just shook her head and apologized for how ridiculous they looked, but she just didn't have the time to nitpick them. I loved it. They were the only two kids I would cuddle for weeks, because you KNEW they were nit-free.

All that to say that this is very gross and I'm so sorry.


It's not so bad- well, okay...the first time is a horror. Wait till the nit picker finds an actual bug and pulls it off her head to show you. You will want to cry, be sick and drink heavily. However, once lice becomes a part of your life you check all the time and it's less likely to become a full blown infestation.

Hang in there!


Do you have tee tree oil? Get the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Oil shampoo. Even if it doesn't work, it feels good. My friend put the oil behind her daughter's ears every morning as she left for school, like perfume. I found that combing the head with olive oil and sleeping with a shower cap on was very effective as well. We had quite a case of lice in my house. Lots of picking, lots of combing. I also found that the best light was the contracter's halogen light. We sat on the back porch and combed and combed. And I boiled and boiled. Lots of vacuming. Good luck. I feel your pain.


I highly recommend "School Time" shampoo. It's not toxic but it is designed to immobilize lice. (not carried everywhere--you'll have to google it) We actually got rid of them FAST, with no recurrence. Also, for any nit-picking you end up doing yourself, get one of those "natural light" lamps--otherwise you'll go blind.


I'd cut my hair short short and buzz the boys. My friend whose kids got it used to put mayo on their heads with plastic bags over their scalps to smother them, then go through their hair with the comb for hours.

Then, after a couple weeks of that, they did the toxic shampoo.

So sorry, it totally sucky suck sucks.


I, too, went for the totally toxic stuff. And then obsessively vacuumed and laundered (they don't like heat, so crank up the dryer) for days. Every stuffed animal, even the favorites, took a two week "vacation" in the land of black plastic garbage bags. Fortunately we were able to contain the outbreak to just one child. I hope you can, too. What a bummer!


My sympathies! Another tactic is to keep the laundry and bagging to a minimum -- just what Steph touched in the past 24 hours -- and save your energy for combing. Also, use a lint roller on any upholstered seat she sat in. We skipped the shampoo and comb-comb-combed my daughter. As you figured out by now, natural daylight and a metal comb (or medium-short fingernails)are best. Unfortunately, after a day of this, you'll see lice in your sleep. Good luck. Oh, and advice from school nurse: check other kids daily now -- and weekly (sigh) until they go to college. (PS If I remember from Globe article, the nit-picker was once a proof-reader!!)


Hi. I just popped in via Di's blog and read this and got so tickled. My Junior got lice so many times in elementary school that I started to think SHE was the incubus. Poor kid can't hear the term nitpick without cringing to this very day. I got so good at doing it that I seriously considered charging for my awesome nitpicking services LOL.

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