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April 27, 2008



See, now I am LOVING the fact that I do get stuff I might not normally seek out (including the ground lamb - love the prune meatballs) because it saves me from rut-iness :). But, then I don't have kids to feed and SO is up for most anything. haven't had anything I haven't enjoyed, including the hamsteaks!

I will ABSOLUTELY re-up the CSA, it has gotten us out of our chicken/pork tenderloin rut for sure. LOVE that.


I used to spend a lot of time on Chocolate & Zucchini -- she has a charming prose style -- but the recipes were consistently not my thing. I don't like savory food that's sweet -- no duck a l'orange or sweet-n-sour pork for me, and she does a lot of that (as your recipe sort of illustrates.) I also get lamb from my CSA, and yep, gotta figure out how to use the neckbones and other "specialty" cuts. Except for the breast of lamb, which was a giant pain, I've managed, though. Scotch broth, when all else fails!


I do like that to a certain extent, but when I keep getting stuff I don't like ... not so much. Like ham.

All I want is ONE chicken, is that so much to ask?


Same here -- I don't read C&Z anymore, but someone posted the recipe at CooksTalk. I like duck with a tart fruit flavor to cut the richness, but otherwise, no thanks. I don't even like lemon chicken.

I wish my CSA had a way that I could specify that I NEVER want a particular cut.

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