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May 02, 2008


Jennifer James

I've been on Twitter for exactly one week today and I cannot believe how great it is to meet people, join conversations, and build one's network.

I tried MySpace and Facebook but I never "got it". Twitter is so easy and as everyone predicted, it is very addictive. I love it.

Awesome post!


ahhh!! I'm confused, but I'll try it!


I got dragged into Twitter by you and Kelly P., and--okay, okay, I'll admit it--you were right. Twitter is fun, it's hardly a time-waster at all, and it's excellent discipline. (Because I am All About The Discipline!) In fact, I'm going to recommend it, as tactfully as possible, to my more verbose clients.

I'm not really into the what-I'm-doing aspect. I like my little aura of mystery, thank you very much. But I do like being able to broadcast my latest blog post or web find, or capture a thought too small for a full blog post.

I do wish I knew how to grab the screenshots (Twitpix?) of your tweets. Looks very nifty.


The slang I have seen for your Twitter friends/followers is "tweeps." You may consider this additional bad news.

Debra Hamel

I've enjoyed watching your metamorphosis from a normal person to a Twitter convert to an evangelist. I'm proud, almost a little teary here....

LA Blogger Gal

Count me as one of the many folks happily Twittering along. For the most part I'm enjoying it and getting some great information from links folks are posting. I still don't get all that many great responses to questions that I pose, but I'm still new and don't have a gazillion followers.

I will say, that I've fallen in with a bit of a crazy crowd. Very interesting to watch from the outside looking in. I mean some folks out there really think they're the end all, be all of the Twitter/blogging world. But aside from them (even with them, since I find them sociologically entertaining) it's all fun.

Feel free to follow away: kat_taf

Daisy Olsen

Twitter is the best and the worst. It's a place full of great people to meet, things to learn about, and a dangerous opportunity to lose track of the real world. I love it! :-)


Just joined Twitter but not sure what to say? Consider edu-Twittering: http://www.fastcompany.com/blog-post/latest-learning-fast-edu-twittering

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