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May 19, 2008



Thank God! You're human! :)


It isn't a slump in which you find yourself. It is an overstimulation. Trust me - I've been there. As a teenager I was interested in everything, and my parents indulged me in every whim. Consequently, I couldn't focus on what was my passion, and I became a jack of all trades. This has served me well in business, but I can't help thinking I could've beenbetter in some areas.

Bread? Business? It is all relative in the end.


Thank goodness because I was feeling so inadequate! Actually, I think you hit the nail on the head--having the kids in school for more hours. I know that I am much less productive when my kids are in school all day. There's something about having all that activity that keeps you on your toes and prevents you from wasting time. I'm sure you'll bounce back!


I suspect that though the kids in are in school longer, they also have more activities that require schlepping and preparation. They probably require more help with homework and go to bed later- all things that cut into your time. I find that my productivity waxes and wanes- sometimes I slack, sometimes I am on overdrive. C'est la vie!


Ditto what Sara said. Seems like they all have a lot of activities these days and you're constantly on the go! That said, I've certainly noticed a decline in my energy level these past few years...


As a fellow efficiency alien ("Oh," I hear, "You read, write, cook, spend time with your son, maintain your website, *and* sleep? WTH?!") I get through the occasional slumps by counterintuitively adding something big to the mix. It distracts me from the weird pace of the usual stuff and before I notice, the vertebrae line up again. Well, usually.

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