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May 30, 2008



Our solution has often been to just stay with them, but then one parent is pretty much up all night when things are really bad.

Different kids have different needs, and families will choose their different methods of comfort. Often these turn into lifelong habits. I don't think it's easy to know what is going to have a positive long term effect.

Pills as solution bothers me a little bit, and my daughters sound like they are more skeptical than your kids in general, but I think it's pretty harmless in the long run. And possibly a good thing if it works.


I honestly can't imagine ever buying the darn things, but I do think it's an interesting idea. There have been times when one of my kid has been up two or three times at night for no readily discernible reason, and I finally give out some Tylenol, which does the trick. Who knows?


Our pediatrician told us that a little Children's Benedryl at night (occasionally) is harmless if that is what it takes to get a kid back to sleep.

I think the Missus and I did a little jig when we heard that.


I wouldn't do it as a panacea, but occasionally would be OK. And I think using Tylenol that way occasionally is fine too.

One time when I took my needle-freaked daughter for a shot, I pulled the nurse aside and asked if she would put some "numbing cream" on the place where the shot would go. Basically, it was vaseline or something. But it soothed her enough to calm down for the shot.

Sometimes whatever it takes is the best solution!

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