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May 02, 2008



"Being a freelancer/mom means that I spend most of my time alone or with young kids...I used to love that office chatter, and I find that Twitter is in some ways a mini-substitute."

Wow - it's like you read my mind! I honestly couldn't agree more. It's like coffee-break, or water-cooler chit chat...It's better than IM, because it's quicker, doesn't take as much time...but I've met some great people, as well as made some business connections.

I confess, I'm completely addicted!


I actually hated that water-cooler chatter. Don't miss the 9-to-5 one bit. But I do like Twitter.


Same here, except I'm in an office with some of these people. But we can tweet stuff we don't want to say out loud. A lot of that goes on in Google IM as well. An unspoken office sub-conversation.


I need a Twitter primer! I can't figure it out!! I've never felt so out of touch. :|

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