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May 22, 2008



I moved to Atlanta from Minneapolis about 7 years ago. I learned quickly that not only does racism still exist in blatant ways, and it goes both ways. I have experienced racism myself (I'm White).

Atlanta's population is slightly more than half Black, yet still very segregated.

My move was an eye opener.

I voted for Hillary but would love for either candidate to win. I think having a Black president would go a LONG way toward moving forward - away from the still-festering wounds of this countries blatantly ugly past.

While in London recently, everyone we talked to felt that if America had a Black or woman president, it would go a long way toward repairing the world's negative view of us. Most folks were pro Hillary more so than Obama, but I think that's because they know her better.


I wouldn't be too concerned for the election itself, though. For every toothless, shoeless hillbilly Democrat who won't vote for a black man, there's at least two black Americans who don't usually vote who will.

As I've said before, I believe that sexism is a bigger issue electorally than race. That is, senator Clinton would have faced bigger challenges from sexism than senator Obama will from racism.


I think electing Obama will go a LONG way towards putting attitudes like that to rest. Don't get me started on Hillary....


What do you think about Obama speaking at your alma mater this weekend? I just read that he's filling in for Ted Kennedy.


I saw the same interview. It made me very sad. I think Obama will lose though--I think the country is still way too racist--consciously and subconsciously to elect a black man. Very, very sad.


We live in a place where my son is probably the only Jewish person at the middle school...and he's not even all that Jewish. Bagel Jewish as Anne Lamott would call it.

I have been asked why I'm using a N-word ball when I was golfing with a Nike ball that Tiger Woods endorses. I

But I don't think the world should condemn the South for a vocal minority. The quiet majority of people who believe in God and Southern Hospitality, not necessarily in that order, are the most wonderful, caring, giving people in the world. Well, maybe except for the Irish...who buy you a drink even if they don't know you. I love the Irish!

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