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May 13, 2008



I'm pretty sure that even if someone spells with correct punctuation and capitalization, it won't show up in the search strings that show for you. They're normalized by the search engine to match the text that has also been normalized in their indexed documents. Computers are stupid about punctuation--it's not meaningful to them and a lot of processing tools consider punctuation marks metacharacters*--so when we're processing text we usually just strip it out so it doesn't confuse the computers.



Oooh, I heard Del McCoury does 1952 Black Vincent last October, and I practically swooned. Golly, that's a great song.


That doesn't happen in this case. When I check my "Keyword Analysis," I see search strings that include punctuation if the searcher included it -- for instance, I just checked and someone found me today by Googling "karen she's a silver sun" (from the James Taylor song).


I just listened to that song on my iPod the other day (the JT song) and I thought of you because you've mentioned it in your blog.


That Beth Wood CD I recommended to you, "Late Night Radio", also has a version of "1952 Vincent Black Lightning" on it.

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